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Biden Campaign Features Ukrainian Activist Who Previously Accused Hunter Biden Of Corruption

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign released a new video Tuesday night featuring a Ukrainian anti-corruption activist who previously criticized Hunter Biden’s business...

Tulsi Gabbard Is Suing Hillary Clinton For Defamation Over ‘Russian Asset’ Comments

Hawaii congresswoman and Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard filed a lawsuit Wednesday in the U.S. Southern District of New York against Hillary Clinton over...

Why I Love Bernie But Wouldn’t Vote For Him In 2020

Sen. Bernie Sanders is surging in the primary, and the Democratic establishment is quaking in their shoes. This looks good to me, because in...

New York Times Endorsement Virtue Signals Between Two Far-Left Female Senators

The New York Times dramatically unveiled its endorsement for the Democratic presidential primary Sunday that featured all the elements and fanfare of a reality...

Hillary Clinton Shreds Bernie Sanders And His Dupe Supporters In New Docuseries: ‘Nobody Likes...

A new docuseries titled “Hillary” is set to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival Jan. 25. The four-episode series covers Hillary Clinton’s view on...

Mike Bloomberg Says If He Were A Senator, He Would Vote To Convict Trump...

Former New York City Mayor and 2020 Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg said during a “Today Show” interview that if he were a senator, he...

Popular Subreddit Bans CNN After Anti-Bernie Sanders Stunt

A popular subreddit supporting Bernie Sanders titled, “r/SandersForPresident,” announced Thursday it would be “removing all content from CNN for the foreseeable future,” because “they...

Tuesday Night’s Democratic Debate Looked Great For Mike Bloomberg

Let me be clear. I am not bullish on the chances that Mike Bloomberg, three-time New York City mayor and Mary Poppins of the...

Dave Chappelle Endorses Andrew Yang For President

Comedian Dave Chappelle endorsed Andrew Yang for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination on Tuesday. “I’m Yang Gang!” Chappelle announced in a press release issued...

If Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Win Iowa, Joe Biden Will Be The Nominee

For all the noise and drama of the 2020 Democratic primary—all the talk of a “diverse” field of candidates and the rise of the...

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