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Sanders Surrogate Linda Sarsour Equates Israel With White Supremacy

Anti-Israel activist Linda Sarsour linked Israel to white supremacy while speaking at a pro-Palestinian conference on Friday. "Ask them this: How can you be against...

International Criminal Court Declines to Prosecute Alleged Israeli War Crimes

The International Criminal Court on Monday declined to reopen an investigation into alleged Israeli war crimes stemming from a 2010 incident in which a...

In possible climate breakthrough, Israel scientists engineer bacteria to eat CO₂

Amazing Israel. What will the left beat us about the head with now? Decade-long research at Weizmann Institute could pave way for low-emissions production of...

Columbia University To Vote On Divesting From Israel

In the heart of the nation’s most Jewish city, Jewish students who believe in Israel’s right to exist are being made mighty uncomfortable. And...

British Media Tackles Leftist Anti-Semitism, While American Media Stands Idly By

In what can only be deemed a train wreck of an interview, British politician Jeremy Corbyn was grilled by BBC’s Andrew Neil Tuesday night...

Israel’s Exports To Hit Record $114 Billion This Year, Led By High Tech

Despite the onslaught of attacks and slanders from the Left, Israel is thriving like never before. The greatest weapon against the neo-Nazi BDS Movement...

A Tale of Two Deep States: Bureaucrat Persecution Of Trump And Bibi Are One...

Following the model of the U.S. House Democrats, the Israeli left is beginning its own circus of invented crimes, selective leaks, and unreliable witnesses...

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicted for “corruption”

Israel and the US are both in the grips of deep state coups and the majority in both countries is powerless to do anything....

Judea/Samaria (West Bank) settlements not illegal, undoing Obama’s historic antisemitic policy shift

President Trump has done it again. This decision is a stunning rebuke of Obama’s anti-Jewish policies and the  antisemitic ruling by the European Court...

European Union Slaps ‘New Kind Of Yellow Star On Jewish-Made Products’

Europe’s highest court isn’t exactly telling everybody to boycott Israeli food and wine. But they’re doing their darnedest to ensure Europeans don’t buy them. For anyone who...

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