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Iran is targeting 21 US military bases with missiles, says Iranian general

The Democrats will allow Iran’s genocidal leaders to manufacture nukes, despite their open hatred of America! That alone should disqualify any Democrat from being...

Geller Report on #GivingTuesday

After 16 years of daily solid, groundbreaking reporting at The Geller Report and endless harassment by the left/islamic axis, the stakes could not be...

Senator Joe Lieberman: Democrats Oppose Pro-Israel Policy ‘Because President Trump Seems so Strongly in...

It’s more that the Democrats are antisemitic and they have made it the centerpiece of the party platform. Obama was a vicious antisemite and...

WATCH: Netanyahu Slams Europeans for Supporting Iran Instead of the Oppressed

Europe’s leaders are appeasing the murdering mullahs in Iran, the way many of Europe’s leaders appeased Hitler prior to World War 2. Monsters. The...

Democrat Teacher Says Trump Supporters Should be SHOT

And you wonder why the moronnial generation is so bloody stupid? Public education has been hijacked by the left and our children are in...

Jihad in Africa: Muslims slaughter at least 19 in latest Congo attack

They have killed at least 80 people in 14 raids since late last month, according to U.N figures. Suspected Islamists kill at least 19 in...

Prime Minister Scott Morrison warns of the United Nations’ seeping ‘anti-Semitism’

The world has changed a great deal from the time of the United Nations birth in 1945, and so has the United Nations. Sixty...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing all Geller Report readers and supporters a wonderful, joy-filled Thanksgiving holiday. We gather on this day to be thankful for what we have,...

Manchester Victoria station stabbings: Mohamud detained for frenzied stabbing attack/attempted murder

Allah fubar. Manchester Victoria station stabbings: Man detained for attempted murder By: BBC, November 27, 2019: A man who tried to kill three people, including a...

‘Absolutely Disgraceful’: Watch Baltimore Students Boo Melania Trump Before Remarks on Opioid Crisis

This is appalling. Who advised the students to boo the first lady? The teachers or the parents. All decent Americans should be very frightened...

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