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Heritage Foundation challenged Tucker Carlson to debate on Big Tech policy


The Heritage Foundation reportedly wanted to set up a debate with Fox News host Tucker Carlson to discuss policy regarding tech companies.

Rob Bluey, Heritage’s vice president of communications, told CNN that members of Heritage had attempted to get Carlson to do a debate with a member of their team. “There doesn’t appear to be any interest in having a sit-down meeting for a call or having someone on the program,” Bluey said.

The attempt came after Carlson, 50, accused Heritage of colluding with “Big Tech to shield left-wing monopolies from any oversight.” “Heritage isn’t embarrassed. None of the so-called conservative nonprofits in Washington are embarrassed. They make deals with people who hate you. They secretly sell out your interests, then they beg you to tithe like it’s the medieval church,” the host said in December about the think tank’s approach to Big Tech policy.

The criticism was over a piece Heritage published titled, “Free Enterprise Is the Best Remedy for Online Bias Concerns.” Diane Katz, a senior research fellow in regulatory policy at Heritage, claimed that deregulation was best for conservatives when it came to technology policy.

“Even if systemic bias were conclusive, the fact is that these private companies have the right to moderate content according to standards of their own choosing. That does not mean that conservatives have no recourse. Indeed, conservatives have countered left-wing media privilege in the past without regulation. Deregulation, in fact, benefits the underdogs,” she stated.

Carlson has been critical of companies such as Facebook for censoring conservative viewpoints. The host said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had the potential power to be the “death of free speech in America” if he goes unchecked.