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The Viral Amazon Coat Has Never Looked Like This Before


Are you sitting down? There’s something we need to tell you: The Orolay coat got a makeover. But before you pick up the pitchforks and run to defend the viral jacket’s honor (“She was beautiful just the way she was!”), hear us out.

Orolay Women’s Thickened Down Jacket — or The Amazon Coat, as you likely know it — has reached peak cult status. It’s dominated the best-sellers list for months, been the subject of countless shopping articles and thinkpieces, and famously inspired an Instagram account documenting its sightings. The Amazon Coat is in the It-girl phase of its sparkling upward spiral.

However, like any multihyphenate in the spotlight, there comes a time to branch out and see how far you can stretch your limits. This week, The Amazon Coat has done just that by launching four brand-new holiday-ready satin shades — a move akin to Mariah Carey dropping her career-defining Christmas album.

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The boxy puffer coat was previously only available in a handful of neutral matte shades. Several weeks ago, Orolay quietly added a bright-red option to its lineup, but it wasn’t until yesterday that the record-chasing jacket truly found its shine with the addition of four silky styles: wine, army green, dark gray, and jet.

The wireframe that won this coat its widespread fandom has remained unchanged. Its signature massive pickets and stepped hem carry over, while the outer shell has been reimagined in a 100 percent polyester satin that beautifully bounces light.

What has also remained the same is the coat’s favorable price. It ranges from $140 to $160, depending on the size selected. But buyer be warned: The coat’s newest styles are already selling out in some sizes, so if you want to make one of these your own, the time to act is now.

Shop the Amazon coat like you’ve never seen it before (while you still can) from Amazon.com.

Shop now: $140–$160; amazon.com

Shop now: $140–$160; amazon.com

Shop now: $140–$160; amazon.com

Shop now: $140–$160; amazon.com


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